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Can I Make Money online ? or the Internet is full of games

I will be straight to the point here yes you can make money online, endless money online on the internet. The question is always which ways work on making money online and which ones don’t. Stay safe the internet is also full of things that might take your time and you do not get anything in return. When you busy browsing stays alert and also don’t go with the stuff which you think they are too good to be true.Majority of the too good to be true they are mostly too good to be true.

There are many places you can make money. Take note that you will always need skills to survive on the internet, life itself does not give anything for nothing. You can learn a lot of skills using online learning materials . It can either be courses and also reading pdfs and books which are the database of information.

If you have skills like making music and also having skills on photoshop can also help you to publish a profile on Fiverr and make money or at WeWork and then you start freelancing and making your daily bread.

To make money on the internet it might sound easier than it sounds but you will need good skills to be on the top of the 10% which make the most out of the internet there is a lot which goes on like competition on the internet is also tight since is for the whole world. Take note that making money on the internet is not a get rich w=quick way since you will have to put n the hours and the work to make it to the top if you stay at the bottom you won’t be making the most out of the internet.

My self-writing here I have been making a living out of the internet for the past 5 years but the first 2 years were the toughest so I can confidently say experience saved me. And ever since then the rate of lack of jobs in South Africa has increased you can check it at the department of labor.

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