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Did you know that Schools will not reopen on 1 June 2020 ?

News is coming out soon and a statement to tell you that schools will not open as teachers are saying all unions are not allowing them to go to school. As much as we wanna save the academic year this time it is beyond our control. This year 2020 is not the year that all of us order.

To avoid the spread of the pandemic schools won’t open. Since the schools have not yet been sanitized so far. Maybe if they manage to sanitize all the schools then they will allow teachers to resume work and also learners to resume their classes.

There is an increase on the number of people infected. These are difficult times for everyone. But if we are in this together we will win. Continue to wash your hands and obey social distance since its all for your own benefits. Things will never be the same after this pandemic.

This is that time in which you could be preparing for a new world and make the most of it by learning and getting new skills . You will need them after this pandemic because everything will never be the same.

There are places where you can learn new skills , to start you can go to places like youtube and udemy and learn any skill you want .Focus on skills which you will work from home. Because this social distancing means many companies won’t be working and fewer jobs will be available.

Skills are too many out there and a lot of them are needed and in demand. When you start to learn remember which sector you will fit in. Some people learn forex and some people learn graphics and some are making youtube videos. The main priority will be how to survive in any circumstances. We wish you all the best.


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