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How musicians make money ?

Today wanna tell you how musicians make money on their careers. This is what some of you are missing to make a living. Making money has become a motivation for many to do what they do. Let me tell you these singers make money Will only mention a few.

1.Gigs and Shows Performances.

Yes, this one is the obvious one I know so I won’t say much about it but I will mention its importance. Did you know that it takes those performances and those crazy shows to promote your name as a singer while yes getting paid? All other ways to make money using singing all depend on this cause no fans no money at all. You will just be stuff with a mouse and empty pockets.

2. Selling Songs on Platforms.

See You can not sell songs when no one knows you. Gigs give you the fans and then those people when you are not there they will think of your music and buy it. I will only mention the 2 most big and important platforms you can get to sell your songs which are iTunes and Spotify here now you earn some bucks depending all in your fans and the quality of your songs. So when you singing in the shower or in the studio remember you have to do your best. Competition is tight on music so work the extra mile or else you will be one of those who get in and after some days gone with 3 singles which only you and your family knows.


Lol, you thought I will leave this one out I didn’t . Those songs of yours which are scattered on the internet are giving someone some money daily the more they get played the bigger the cash. On youtube, all you have to do is get the fame on the gigs and start a youtube channel . Once this is done promote it to 1000 subscribers and then kill with it and make the bigger bucks into your pocket. The more the views the bigger the stacks.



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