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How to apply for Internships Online ?

This many people are looking for internships and i believe you are also here because you have been looking for internships and finding fake posts. Internships are available you are just looking at the wrong place . Now I wanna teach you how to apply for internships and how to avoid fake internships applications.I will teach you How to apply for Internships Online ?.

Where to look for internships and traineeships.

As you know the internet is full of misleading information,but this is not one those . To go straight to the point look for internships on the company website look for the careers page on the company site. If is Sasol internship look at Sasol company website and you will find the internships available on the careers page.If its transnet internships  look at the transnet website and go to careers page and there you will find contact or ways on how to apply it.

You are wondering what about looking at the careers website. Yes, you can also check reliable careers websites . Many of careers sites are full of expired applications so look carefully.

The journey of looking for an internship is not an easy one but take note you are not alone . That should make you keep on working harder than ever.Start growing a network when where ever you go you never know who will say an internship opportunity is this side. You can also Join Linkedin Social media platform it is full of managers and also internships and jobs posts .

What to to do different on your internship Applications.

When you are applying for an internship When you attach your cv and certificate also attack the motivation letter it will help you with your application. Here is another bonus tip attach a list of the skills you have even though they are not required.

Here is a List of Available Internships Available Now