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How to Apply for Jobs at Pep Stores ?

Pep store does offers jobs which are jobs what are distribution jobs ,Manager ,Cashiers and also Cleaners. So far 17 000 people are employed at PEP and are united by a unique culture that promotes growth, dignity, respect and fun.

On this article wanna teach you how to apply for a job at pep store and start working when you passed your interview.The internet is full of sites which says they offer you jobs while they don’t or they are full of expired jobs.

Pep Store have 3 ways you can apply for a job and i will show you all of those ways here on this article.Take note I’m not saying i work at pep but I’m saying i will teach you how to apply for employment at pep store.

1.Applying through their website.

Whenever there is a job at pep it get posted on careers at pep or work at pep which you can access here at and When you get there you will jobs opportunities which they have and you will have to apply for one or more that you qualify for .Those jobs are listed with requirements so also keep in mind you can not just be  hired you need to be interviewed and don’t pay anyone for a job hey .

2.Applying through a fax or Call.

Pep store have made a fax number where you can send your curriculum vitae (cv) or resume at and when an opportunity rises they would look at the available Cv to check who qualify for the job and call for the interviews for the people who are shortlisted so that they get the person and that number to fax  or call at is : 0860 737 000

3. Applying through submitting CV (Curriculum Vitae)

When you are busy applying for jobs you can also just go straight direct to the store and distribute your cv`s and wait for a call and when they need someone they would call you .


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