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How to get jobs After Lockdown ? Time of Crisis in recession

This will article is here to teach you, How to get jobs after lockdown during this time of crisis . We just started a recession now. Other People were expecting to get a market crash due to banks or other companies that are overpriced. But no one was expecting to be hit by covid-19.

Many People lost jobs in a lot of Sectors from Corporate to the industrial also to the informal sectors. But new jobs are emerging now.So the good thing to do now is that you start taking short courses on udemy and other places like smart uct and learn the new skills which are needed to survive long term.

Recruitment Companies are posting jobs every day and people are making a mistake of not knowing how to use the internet. There is a lot of recruitment companies that are not out of business after these times of crisis. These firms show that there are jobs out there now all you have to do is to fit in.

How to fit in there New Era of Job Hunting?

1. Look at what they need, a lot of companies now are hiring only those who have experience and stick on getting things done rather than having to hire someone who can not do the job.

2. Balance your life, this is a big reset button to restart and make it to the top using all-new ways the new era brought upon the generation you are on.

3. Learn how to learn and you will have everything coming easy to you.

4.Sit down and look at where you have to locate yourself to make it to the top.

5. Now start adding short courses you learn online and also thing s you have experience on, in your cv, and hit submit.

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