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How to start a YouTube Channel ?

I will start by saying is not as complicated as you think it is at all.I will cover the basics you need to start a youtube channel. And also give you tips on how to be successful.Youtube have taken over as the new television of  our age. That is a great thing because it makes it easy for other people to also get into the television industry.

For someone who will be making videos like comedy and also shows all you need is a smart phone.Is not like back then when you needed a complicated camera which is expensive to make videos.There is a lot of people who are very successful on youtube.But they are still taking their videos using a their phones to take the videos.

Make all your videos close to 10 of them so that you will have content.Content i mean things which people will have to watch.After doing that create an email and start uploading those videos on youtube and then customize the banner on your youtube profile.

When you are done.Start promoting your videos on facebook groups to get views and that will help you to make the most out of the little you got .When you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours then you will start earning from youtube and that will make it easy for you to buy equipment to become a professional youtuber.

Once you have lunch don’t be afraid of been judged by the views or your friends .You have them at the tip of your hands .You did what they failed to do and you succeded that make you a better person as a whole.There will be those who will dislike your videos just takes them as not your target market and focus on the like and the reviews which helps you grow.

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