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South Africa Hits Level 3 of Lock-down Will jobs Increase ?

Things have been tough for fellow South Africans for the past 3 months, now they are now in level 3 where a lot of cases might arise and this will be due to overcrowded places even thou people were told to obey social distancing. A lot of people will be going back to work now we are going to answer the question of will there be more jobs than before or will it be the same and even worse?

What many people are not aware that many companies didn’t make it they lost their operations. This means that even people who had worked for some time they now lost their jobs they are also going to be looking for employment and this means that a lot of people are now without jobs than before and this leads us to say that the number of jobs will be even less compared to before and this will conclude to there won’t be jobs.

If you are looking for jobs at this time of the year it is best you start making friends in all sectors and make the most out of the connection between you and the old and new friends. Get all the resources online and in-person to go and look for a job. It is recommended that you use the new technology to add new skills . Udemy and youtube give people knowledge almost for free. There is a lot of places to also learn from but it is advisable to learn skills which are in demand now in the industries and economic sector.

There are places where you can get a cv template and use it to add the value of your cv and there are also careers on this site where you can learn how to apply for certain jobs and this will help you make the most out of everything.

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