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Top 3 Most Paid Actors Now in South Africa

Many kids when they grow up they all aspire to be actors one day and appear on television and be known all around the world. Today we check the most paid actors at the moment in South Africa and but then we won’t tell how much they are been paid but trust us its above R50 000  per month.

When you start out an acting career you have less money coming in and as your career and fame also increase the salary also increases to be at the top of its best-paying days. Also, remember in entertainment there is no pension you only work for some contract and when they end you look for another opportunity and if lucky you will get it.

Sindi Dlathu

highest paid celebrities

Some people have known since her days in Muvhango as one of the best actors managing a large company called mmc and after she left things got a little bit messy on muvhango without her she was a key actor and she deserves the money she makes per month . Now she is rocking on the soapie called The River and she is making the most. Is like she was born to act.

Sello Maake

highest paid celebrities

Wow, who does not know Lucas Nyathi the key actor on the scandal during his days. This Man He also earns between R50 000 – R120 000 per month. He earned his way to becoming a successful actor over time and he is now the best of the best out there.

Jamie Bartlett

highest paid celebrities

Lol Is like we are only taking story and trouble markers on the soapies but without these guys, some of the soapies would be as nice as they are now. David Genero one of the best bosses in rythem city he made it popular to an extent where people even made a song that went viral because of his good work.

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