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Where did the R500 Billion for Covid 19 Went ,Lot of News

The R500 billion for COVID 19 opened a lot of opportunities for politicians to loot money from the government and of which affected 10% of the GDP of South Africa. People used to tell Zuma that they want the money and this time around we are all now wondering who will be to be blamed for the money.

It’s not cool at all even the food parcels were not arriving to other villages and to the villages that they were arriving not everyone who qualifies was covered . Some of the food parcels were just disappearing. How things are been handled by politicians at some point is not cool at all and it is hurting a lot of people who voted for those politicians to be there at the top to represents them.

Nowadays we are starting to think that Politics are just a way of earning ends meet and survival, not a means to create manageably settlements and we are soon to compare it with pastors. The world is changing. To be always on the safe side you can just start your own business and not rely on any government money.

A lot of Small businesses just went down the drain because of COVID despite the money which was been offered to save small businesses and other big businesses and now they are starting afresh while some are looking for a job to make some little money to get funded on their own.

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