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Which tribe of men is good on relationships ? Get all answers

It’s hard to maintain a relationship but then that is when you are in a wrong relationship. Here today we gonna show you which type of man to look for if you are looking for a serious relationship. Mujolo will humble you though if not in it for the good reasons.

Pedi men just know that they love too much woman but then they are not too good in bed and besides when you are dating them for the money you will only eat it the money through drinks and food. The rest goes to his mom since she is also involved in the relationship.

Venda Guy’s majority are gifted they really know how to treat a woman and the majority of them do the right thing if it need be . They do give you money and also they are smart you will never sleep hungry if you with a Venda guy . The money you will be sorted and as for the future, it will be abundant if u choose well and you will be satisfied.

Zulu guys here come to the taxi drivers who know how to budget and not offer you anything but leave you with the house and all you will do is take care of the house and life goes on. Culture too much complicated.

When you really need a stable family go for Venda guys or Tsonga guys they are the once who mostly take responsibility among other tribes. Families of Venda guys are so welcoming and they are the once who in many cases build big houses and have many cars not like in other tribes where you will rent until  until your kids go to varsity.

Hope it helped a few and opened eyes to some . Remember we are just generalizing on this post.

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