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Why many people in South Africa are not on YouTube compared to Nigeria ?

There is so many people in Nigeria making videos on youtube than in South Africa. Here are the reasons Why many people in South Africa are not on YouTube compared to Nigeria? .Many people in South Africa don’t know that they can stop looking for jobs and start making youtube videos and earn a living. In South Africa, they still believe in going to school to secure a future while other counties no longer see hope in the education system.

There are people who have figured it out and there are making a success and many of them are celebs now which means they have made their own jobs and also benefited fame. In Nigeria, they have noticed the crisis of their economy and people who can not get jobs around the country. Because of this they explored and found out that they can stop the struggle through youtube.

It’s not yet too late to join the crusade look at how other people are using iPhone 11 on their channels and driving big cars you would get inspired and start immediately and start making a living out your talent . Do not focus on the local community the world is too big on youtube the sky is the limit.

There is so many categories like Games, Comedy, and also short films or songs if you are a young upcoming singer you can push your career through youtube and make it to the top and learn how to make money for yourself.

There are many things I have mentioned here and I know your manager does not want you to know that your fans are your cash and cars and that big dreams house you have always wanted to have . Never limit yourself it takes someone who notices what they don’t have and wanna have to work for something and then have it for themself.


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