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Will South Africa Become a Great Country ?

The nice question today ook a break from talking about money. I wanna talk about what is happening in our daily lives. There is a lot of topics which are been left unsaid or untouched. Much of it revolve around the politics of the country.

Starting from the bottom now we are here. There is a lot of corruption overall and this is caused mainly by politics and that means for as long as the power comes through it to leadership. It will never end. Many people now are even going to school to do politics because they know once they are in they will make a lot of money through tenders and they will never have to work hard ever again all they will have to maintain is their influence and their pockets.

Everyone who goes into poor because of the feeling of poverty will always feed their needs and leave the other people who put them in power poor. There is a lot that goes unsaid or unanswered for. Being a politician these days is the way to get a connection and earn a living.

There is no one who is perfect everyone they have intentions when it comes to these power divisions. No one is better so no one ends up asking for answers since they are busy looking guarding their cheese so that it does not get into the wrong hands.

Yes, there is are many things which should be said since there is freedom of speech but who will need to hear the stories. Almost no one causes everyone is being bought so cheaply by little stuff to keep them shut and not talking much. The one who has the poor should be careful though the world is changing and there is a lot which will happen as a change of wealth and change of the type of power, in the long run, it is back to others.


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